NPI manufactures a complete line of Spring Energizers for use in seals and other components where predictable and reliable loads are required. Available products include Dynaflex™ Slanted Coil / Canted Coil , Helical Wound Flat Ribbon Coil and V-Shape Cantilever Beam geometries. Stainless Steel and other alloys are used for superior corrosion resistance and are available in standard and custom sizes  to meet customer specific application requirements.


NPI is pleased to announce their Dynaflex™ Slanted Coil / Canted Coil spring products are now offered with Gold, Silver and Nickel plating for use in Electronic and Semiconductor applications. With base spring materials in 300 Series Stainless Steel, Beryllium Copper and other alloys, these springs are used in applications such as Electronic Connectors, and EMI shielding for latching, holding and contact components when predictable and constant loads are required. They are offered from 1/32” to 3/8” radial cross sections in multiple loads as small as .050” inside diameters.  For standard sizes and load curves, go to the Dynaflex Slanted Coil Spring page by clicking on the "More Info Button below.  


 "New"  500 Series V-Spring

NPI has added a new 500 series size to their standard V-Spring product line and they are available for purchase now. The  new 500 series is commonly used for nominal 3/8" cross section seal designs in larger diameter applications. To view the specifications just click on the V-Spring tab below. Once there, you can download the new standard  drawing with all the dimensional information by clicking on the V-Spring Drawing tab.

Bal Seal

Canted coil ball  springs latching springs contact springs emi sheilding springs canted coil springs

canted coil

with it slanted or slant coil springs. canted coil of dynaflex spring. Nelson Products is a suporter of canted coil springs or spring. also a maker of dynaflex springs, but mostly canted coil. we are not associated to Bal seal or ball seal. we manufacture slant coils or canted coil springs, but we like to call them canted coil or canted coil spring. we are Nelson Products inc. Nelson products incorporated. Located in Golden, Colorado, USA. We also have



dynaflex springs


helical springs

but we are not with Bal Seal or Ball Seal. we manufacture canted coil or coils spring, also Dynaflex, helical spring, and vspring also v-spring or v-springs.

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